Save the Game!


The Michigan Youth Athletic Association believes that the benefits of youth sports participation are critical to the overall growth and development of our kids.  It is the fundamental rewards that sports bring that makes a difference to the future of those who participate.  Sports build teamwork, character development and reward perseverance.  It is through these benefits that we are able to create and improve our communities and develop the leaders of tomorrow.


Please take a step back and think if you are better off today from your youth sports experience?  Sports continue to offer benefits daily.  In our communities there are many distractions and temptations that our kids are faced with daily.  It is our belief that sports participation drastically reduces negative outcomes to these.  As coaches and influential leaders in our sports programs, we can make a difference!


The facts paint a clear picture, youth sports are under attack.


$3.5 billion in funding cuts have affected youth sports since 2010.


It is predicted that by the year 2020, 27% of US high schools will discontinue sports programs all together.


Youth sports participation is down 9.7% nationwide.  A trend that seems to be consistent here in Michigan. It is a trend that negatively affects all of us, and it will take all of us to organize, and work together to save youth sports.




Football first!  Youth football has received the bulk of negative attention and has seen the most drastic decline in participation.  This is why we will look to repair these misconceptions immediately and “Save the Game”.


Since ALL youth programs in Michigan face the same issues, the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association has partnered with us to work on a solution.  The MYAA will look to create a regional leadership structure, with the support of the MHSFCA, made up of football coaches, league leaders and those who wish to get involved in this mission.  These leadership teams will be created from within the regions shown on the map below.. 


It is our primary goal to bring high school coaches and youth coaches together for informal meetings around the state to discuss trends, challenges and solutions to the issues we all face.  We want to here from you if you believe the benefits of youth sports participation is beneficial to your community.  Your help at championing this cause is very much appreciated. 


Does your program need help?


The MYAA would like to offer our assistance.


If your organization needs help meeting the challenges we face today we want to here from you.  Building partnerships within our communities will be the first step at protecting the game we love.


We would welcome the opportunity to address your league board meeting regarding these serious issues.


Also, the MYAA can be available to bring a presentation to your parents meeting to explain and promote football and cheer in your community. 


We can not sit back and watch the game we love and its many benefits slip away.


Please contact us at for more information and to help this great cause!